Stolen Wallets — Ready to Read!

September 17, 2019 Rafael Hauxley 0 Comments

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Paperback on Amazon for $5.50

This is it. The big day.

I’ve written the first half of my travels around the world on 1 Bitcoin.

Stolen Wallets: And Where to Buy Them

The travels of R.R. Hauxley.

What’s in your wallet?You okay with a stranger poking through it? I’m not. Never in a million. My wallet is my private little hell. Receipts for things I can’t afford and a picture of an ex I still miss. But there I was, standing in a grubby back alley in Bangkok. Wallets that once belonged to other people — scattered on a table in front of me: Crocodile skin Gucci, scuffed generic brown leather, even a DIY duct-tape wallet — each and every single one stolen. Curiosity killed my ethics. I picked one up. It was full. Not with money, of course, but with …

These are the stories of my travels.Before all this I was just another desk jockey. Putting in my 9-to-5. Binge-watching Netflix alone. Then I bought 1 bitcoin — and it started to skyrocket. Little did I know it was my golden ticket. From China to Europe. 20 countries, 12 months, and my skyrocketing bitcoin. A red carpet to a world of fast money, greed, hype, hope and corruption. Wild crypto parties. Fake tits on fake friends. Stacks of counterfeit money. Stolen wallets. Then the bubble popped — and the world of the newly rich began burning down around me.

Paperback on Amazon for $5.50

Kindle eBook for $3
An announcement. I’ve decided to put a spin on the grand tradition started by Marguerite deCourcelle — who put a crypto puzzle in her painting which would unlock a BTC wallet full of Bitcoin bits. Pascal Boyart, a French graffiti artist, continued this tradition by hiding a crypto prize in his mural commemorating the French Revolution.
To honor these two artists and continue the spirit — I’ve also hidden a BTC stash within my book. It’s dedicated to all the wordsmiths, crossword puzzle solvers, and diehard fans of Scrabble out there.
I’ve set up a wallet — not stolen 😛 — and loaded it with a bit of BTC. Whoever solves the ‘wordwallet puzzle’ will unlock it.This is the address:


You can use a blockchain explorer to verify how much is in there and what it’s worth.I set up this ‘wordwallet’ using 12 randomly generated words (as is standard practice).
This ‘seed phrase’ of 12 random words must be put in the correct order to unlock the wallet and sweep it. May the words be ever in your favor.
P.S. As with any great puzzle there must be clues. Follow my Youtube Channel and Instagram with a keen ear and watchful eye to solve the mystery.

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