Stolen Wallets: Word Puzzle Wallet Contest

April 25, 2019 Rafael Hauxley 0 Comments

I’ve been thinking how best to create the Word Puzzle Wallet for my book:

Now the book contains a contest … whoever unlocks the Word Puzzle Wallet … KEEPS ALL THE BITCOIN inside it.

How is this done?

I’ve set up a standard Bitcoin wallet. It was generated with a standard “seed phrase” — this seed phrase contains 12 randomly generated words. To unlock the wallet you must input each 12 words in their correct order. Once you do this you can “sweep” the wallet (fancy word for “take everything it’s yours!”)

This may seem like a tough nut to crack — but fear not! A great mystery requires great clues! Each month I’ll provide one such clue. 12 months, 12 clues, 12 words.

May the words be ever in your favor!