Stolen Wallets: Interviews

April 26, 2019 Rafael Hauxley 0 Comments

I’ve been receiving a number of requests for interviews lately. This is both surprising and not entirely unwelcome.

I’ve also been tailoring the back of my book. The back cover blurb, right? Incredible how long it takes to drill down into what makes a back cover blurb great. It’s part hook, part reliability, part call to action.

This is my latest version. I think I’ll keep it. Check it out:


These are the stories of my travels.

Before all this I was just another desk jockey. Putting in my 9-to-5. Binge-watching Netflix alone. But I had Bitcoin — and it was going up. Little did I know it was my golden ticket. From China to Europe. 20 countries, 12 months, and my skyrocketing bitcoin. A red carpet to a world of fast money, greed, hype, hope and corruption. Wild crypto parties. Fake tits on fake friends. Stacks of counterfeit money. Stolen wallets.

Then the bubble popped — and the world of the newly rich began burning down around me.