Stolen Wallets: And Where to Buy Them.

Sticky Post April 24, 2019 Rafael Hauxley 0 Comments

Finally! After months of writing, the book of my travels is ready to read!

Here’s the link to the Paperback edition for $5.50

And here’s the embedded link for all you kindle folk out there:

Not only this, but it comes with a sensational new type of contest. Read on to find out…

Or watch the Book Trailer.


Also, since I’m trying to become a writer and all that jazz, I’m trying a promotion tactic. You ever hear about Marguerite deCourcelle? The lady who painted a BTC prize into one of her paintings? There’s also Pascal Boyart who hid a BTC prize in his mural of a modern French Revolution.

Well, I’d like to continue their tradition. It’s a fun one. Hide a BTC prize and challenge people of intellect. To that effect I’ve loaded up a wallet with a bit of BTC. It’s a standard wallet. The seed phrase is composed of 12 random words. I’ve hidden the 12 random words in my book. But since hiding them in a whole book would make finding them impossible — I’ll give out clues. 12 months, 12 clues.

And since I didn’t have enough money to put a whole bitcoin in the wallet as a prize (I just put in 0.1 BTC) — I’ll instead dedicate 30% of my monthly sales to the wallet until it’s swept. Who knows, with BTC’s fresh bull run — I hope whoever wins will have enough BTC to go travel around the world on it — just like I did.